About Me

Here is some information about me.


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PortugueseNoYesFamily lingua

My Life

In 2002 I was born in Hamburg, Germany. I spent some years there before moving to Ireland for 10 years. This is where I learned English, which is my mother tongue, but also Irish and ,as I'm also of Brazilian origin, Portuguese. After those 10 years I moved back to Germany. Due to the German school system I had to learn French and German, bringing the total amount of languages known up to 5. At this point I also started learning Java intensively as the school where I was going wasn't challenging and I had to repeat the seventh school year due to not having the adequate German knowledge.

How I started programming

I started programming as a hobby as I wanted to create my own content for the computer game Minecraft. That's where my interest in programming started and as I continued to learn Java, I started to learn how tools such as Git, continuous integration, Maven and Docker work. I got myself some hardware to host my own discord bot for listening to music and did an internship. This intership taught me a lot of stuff I didn't know. They expanded my knowledge on virtualization, localization, internationalization but must importantly web development with MVC frameworks. This sparked an interest to use ORMs, often used with MVCs e.g Hibernate, in some old Minecraft utilities, where I got troubled by the bad configuration APIs that some frameworks have, which is why I created the early variants of EnumToConfiguration. As of 2019 I reguarly code in Java. Java is the only language I accept for projects as I find the Ruby On Rails framework extremely complicated to fully learn. I'm currently trying to learn JavaScript to complement Ruby and C# to get more into main-stream development.